• From ALADS News Desk
  • Posted 08/02/17

Reimbursement Information for World Police & Fire Championships (WPFC)

ALADS is proud to announce that it will reimburse a portion of members' WPFC registration fees, in the amount of $60.00 (not including event sport fees). 

To be eligible for the reimbursement, you must be a Full-Service Voting Member.

Reimbursement will be awarded after the event. Proof of payment and proof of attendance will be requested for processing.

To receive reimbursement members must include their WPFC registration cards, proof of attendance, name, employee number, and current address. To download the reimbursement form CLICK HERE.

Please send your documentation to Selya Arvizu at sarvizu@alads.org.

To visit the WPFC website click here: http://www.la17wpfg.com/