• From ALADS News Desk
  • Posted 12/04/17

ALADS Safe Rides Program

In an effort to have a safe and happy holiday season, ALADS has started the "ALADS SAFE RIDES" program. It will provide greater public safety and ensure you get home safely. ALADS wants to protect one of its most important assets, you.

The holiday season is here. Many of you will be attending seasonal parties with family, friends, and coworkers. As with many parties, spirits become a center piece. Please think before you drive. If your event falls between the dates of November 23, 2017 and January 02, 2018, ALADS may reimburse your ride home.

How it works: Each Full Service Voting Member will have the opportunity to receive two one-way or one round trip LYFT or UBER ride. If you are travelling within a 25-mile radius and you choose to take a LYFT or UBER home after your party, ALADS will reimburse you for one direction of your ride. If you choose to take LYFT or UBER to and from your event, ALADS will reimburse you for both directions of your ride. Choosing this option counts as one round trip ride. Please submit your email receipts to rsass@alads.org. Reimbursement requests must be received by January 15, 2018. This program will last only until funds run out.

Please be safe and enjoy the holidays.