Congratulations on your retirement! We trust your retirement years will be as enjoyable and fulfilling as you envision them to be.

Over the years your Association has valued your membership, and we want to continue our relationship. Even though you have retired from County employment, you can still be considered part of our "family" by becoming a retired ALADS member. Let ALADS be your "family tie."

Although the days of IAB's and civil suits are behind you, ALADS can still offer the following benefits to our retired members.

The ALADS Dispatcher will keep you up-to-date on what's going on around the department and with your friends. And, of course, you would still be invited to our annual picnic where you can catch up on the "latest happenings" with old friends.

In the event you do need the services of an attorney, ALADS' counsel is there. The same legal staff you relied upon to protect your rights is still available to you at prices well below the norm.

Members with cancer, intensive-care or accident insurance through American Family Life Assurance Company can continue these coverages through convenient LACERA payroll deductions without a premium increase or benefit decrease. Members who did not purchase any of the ALADS supplemental programs while they were at work are eligible to apply for the American Family Life cancer and intensive-care plans as retired members. In addition, you may convert your term life insurance through the Peace Officers' Relief Fund. We also have a retiree dental plan that may be of interest to you. ALADS is active in Sacramento and Washington D.C., acting on your behalf regarding legislation which affects you as a retiree. We are constantly on guard to ensure that your hard-earned benefits are not eroded by adverse legislation.

Discount coupons for many major Southern California attractions are made available to you by simply calling the ALADS office.

ALADS dues are significantly less for retired members. For only $7.50 per month, you can enjoy all these benefits.

To become a retired ALADS member, simply fill out the retiree membership application/payroll authorization deduction form and return it to us in the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. This will ensure our continued relationship. Your monthly dues will be conveniently deducted by LACERA from your retirement check.

Again, congratulations on the arrival of a very important stage in your life... retirement!

If we can be of any assistance, just give us a call.