The ALADS Political Endorsement Committee is comprised entirely of rank-and-file and retired Deputy Sheriff and DAI members.

The Committee was established by a group of ALADS members in 1999 to engage member participation in the ALADS endorsement process. In the last three years, the Committee has conducted interviews for virtually every statewide and local office.

The Committee is responsible for all of the following:

  • Setting policies and procedures by which candidate endorsements are decided;
  • Determining which candidates, if any, should be interviewed prior to recommending an endorsement;
  • Conducting interviews with candidates for statewide and local offices;
  • Making recommendations for endorsements to the Board of Directors.

Any ALADS member in good standing, or retiree member, is eligible to attend meetings of the Political Endorsement Committee, and can be made a voting member of the Committee upon the approval of Committee members.

All ALADS members are encouraged to participate. For more information about upcoming meeting agendas, please call the ALADS office at (323) 213-4005, or see the calendar section of the ALADS website.

ALADS Endorsements 2020

Click on the image below to see the full list of endorsements.